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St. Laurentius School Named Archdiocesan School of Distinct Instruction!


After a thorough review of standardized testing data, St. Laurentius School was
selected as one of this year’s Archdiocesan Schools of Distinct Instruction.

In determining the candidates for this award, two specific criteria were studied:

    Growth—By comparing the Normal Curve Equivalent score from this year’s
testing to the NCE in the last test the students took, the students gave
evidence of greater than expected growth.

    Exceeding Potential—Analyzing the data from the ability testing
(InView) and the achievement testing, these schools were found to have 90% of
the classes meeting or exceeding their potential in all content areas at every
level tested.

A message from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia:

“Despite the many challenges these past two academic years have given, we are proud of these accomplishments and thank all of our administrators, teachers, parents and students for the efforts they made to accomplish these academic landmarks.”

Great job to our faculty and students on this
wonderful accomplishment! We are so proud!

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