STEM Trustey Fellow Program

The Trustey Family STEM Teaching Fellows is a unique, competitive, and formative program focused on increasing student interest and learning in STEM disciplines through the support and growth of high-quality STEM teachers.

The Trustey Family STEM Teaching Fellows spans three summers and two school years to form STEM teachers for Grades 4-8 The Fellowship is driven by three Summer Institutes in which Fellows participate in three modules: 1) STEM Integration; 2) Core Instructional Practices; and 3) STEM Blueprint Plan. Themes of equity, access, and leadership are woven throughout the Summer Institutes.  

St. Laurentius School Trustey Fellows Team Members:

  • Mr. Andrew Notarfrancesco (Math and Science)

  • Mr. Sean Connolly (Science and Technology)

  • Miss Chris Cleary (Science)