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Introducing STREAM!


STREAM is an approach, a method of teaching concepts across a variety of subjects; a unique, interdisciplinary, comprehensive and collaborative approach to education.
In a STREAM program, Religion and Art are wrapped in to the STEM model.

Students are invited to explore, analyze and create while making meaningful real-world connections in the context of their faith.  STREAM education actively promotes 21st century skills, including collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking.

An example of the STREAM approach can be made using the theme of ‘Ancient Greece’.

Students would first learn about the general history, architecture and discoveries of Ancient Greece through Social Studies
…with Mathematics, geometry, ratios and proportions (used to design Greek temples) could be practiced
…with Art, Greek sculpture & ceramics could be explored with Art
…the core tenets of Greek philosophy could be reflected upon within a Religious context
…and the Olympic Games could be played out in Gym.

One theme, numerous routes of learning and exploration. Technology is woven into all of the instruction and could be furthered enhanced with students using computer software to model and output a 3D scaled ‘print’ of a Greek column.

This is a major shift for our school, one that we are all excited about.

Stay tuned for more info!

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